ART100-02C The Language of Art (with Carol G Scollans)

ART100-02C The Language of Art (with Carol G Scollans)

The course teaches students to begin to understand the processes of artistic creation. It enables the student to grasp the expressive content of works of art in a wide variety of media and to analyze how the artist creates his/her effect. It is not an historical survey. Through lectures, discussions, field trips, and museum visits, the student studies paintings, sculptures, and buildings; examples are chosen as often as possible from the Boston area. The course addresses such concepts as elements of composition, rhythm, symmetry, and space; and the possibilities of differing interpretations of subject matter. It offers a solid introduction to the arts by developing the student's ability to see and analyze forms as the result of aesthetic and interpretive decisions.





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Sep 11-Dec 5
Sa: 8:15-11:15a




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Instructor: Carol G Scollans
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