ASIAN275L-01B Peoples and Cultures of China (with Christopher David Fung)

ASIAN275L-01B Peoples and Cultures of China (with Christopher David Fung)

This course describes and analyzes China and Chinese society through the perspective of culture. By looking at the ways in which Chinese people lead their lives, the beliefs and ideas they place importance upon and the ways in which these ideas are manifested in people's actions, we hope to gain a more thorough understanding of China as a social, political and economic entity, and a more nuanced and analytical understanding of China's diverse peoples. Some of the themes we will address include the following: unity and diversity in Chinese society, the role of the family, the place of the state, food and eating, gender relations, ritual and religion, popular culture (particularly movies and opera), economic and social change, nationalism and international relations. ANTH 275L and ASIAN 275L are the same course.

Crosslisted: ANTH275L and ASIAN275L are the same course.





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Jul 15-Aug 22
TuTh: 1:30-4:30p




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