About Us

The College of Advancing and Professional Studies (CAPS) at University of Massachusetts Boston is committed to adult learners with their diversity of interests and needs, which vary from focused short-term, non-credit training to wide-ranging, long-term academic undergraduate and graduate professional degrees. No single plan can satisfy the career aspirations, time constraints, or personal needs of adult learners. Whether the program is offered in a remote setting, on campus or online, during the evening or weekends, or whether the program takes into consideration a student’s previous experience or that the adult student is approaching college for the first time, CAPS is focused on providing quality education in a form that is relevant and accessible to all.

To that end the College of Advancing and Professional Studies is composed of four primary functionary entities:

  • Office for Professional Studies — responsible for degree-seeking students who desire programs not currently offered by the existing colleges, and for corporate or governmental agency clients.
  • Office for Online Learning — responsible for all distance learning programs, and will work collaboratively with UMass Online.
  • Office for International Affairs — responsible for coordinating and supporting international and transnational academic activities throughout the campus, in close collaboration with the associate provost for international and transnational affairs and the Office of Global Programs.
  • Office of Continuing Education — responsible for degree and non-degree programs aimed at non-matriculated students, courses offered on the weekends and at off-campus sites, and all summer and winter courses.

The mission of the College of Advancing and Professional Studies is to:

  • Be the point of entry for adult learners to access the university’s resources
  • Provide a wide range of professionally relevant and personally fulfilling courses whether credit or non-credit
  • Provide flexible learning options through online learning, technologically progressive programs, and degrees that meet at a time and place that suit the needs of the student
  • Provide a curriculum that contributes to the workforce needs of the community and Commonwealth
  • Create and offer innovative programs that maximize the strengths of UMass Boston’s academic units