COMM480-01C Communication Seminar: Trial By Media (with Ashleigh Kayleen Shelton)

COMM480-01C Communication Seminar: Trial By Media (with Ashleigh Kayleen Shelton)

How did the "Dream Team" win O.J. Simpson's trial? Why did Casey Anthony walk free? Did media have any influence on the Michael Jackson, Scott Peterson, Jodi Arias, or George Zimmerman cases? These are all examples of trials in which attorneys allegedly used news coverage to influence direction of their trials. Is this type of strategic behavior fair and just? This course focuses on publicity surrounding high profile criminal trials to explore topics such as the rights of citizens to fair trials, ethical duties of attorneys not to prejudice juries, and journalistic responsibilities when covering trials. We will examine research on "web sleuths," the use of the media to strategically influence verdicts, and the power of the modern day witch-hunt. We will also consider the record-breaking podcast Serial and its innovative approach to investigative journalism.

Prerequisite(s): COMM 100 and COMM 200 and COMM 351 and COMM 230 and 90 credits





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Feb 4-May 10


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