CRCRTH611-01B Seminar in Critical Thinking (with Peter Taylor)

CRCRTH611-01B Seminar in Critical Thinking (with Peter Taylor)

This course involves research on and discussion of important issues of current concern about critical thinking. Issues include critical thinking; logic and knowledge; critical thinking about facts and about values; knowledge in its social context; teaching to be critical; and evaluating critical thinking skills. The course addresses these issues through cases of topical interest. (Note: The thematic emphasis for each semester is described on the program website:





Day(s) and Time(s):

Jul 17-Aug 24
Web Conf: M 5:00p-8:00p


Course cancelled.
Class Number:1270_Smr2017
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Important Dates:
Registration begins: April 3, 2017

Online registration ends: 8:30am on the day of the first class meeting

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