CRSCAD602L-01B Climate Change, Food & Water Resources (with Jennifer Clifford)

CRSCAD602L-01B Climate Change, Food & Water Resources (with Jennifer Clifford)

This course will examine the causes and consequences of climate change with a special focus on food and water resources. We will analyze proposals to prevent and mitigate global warming with both proactive and responsive policies. As a global society, food and water security is the most important goal we face, yet many people in the developing world lack even basic food security and more than a billion people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water. Food and water shortages are exacerbated and caused by climate change, environmental degradation and natural and human-caused disasters. It is projected that unless drastic efforts to cut greenhouse gas emission are implemented global warming will lead to massive crop failures as early as 2040 and become a worldwide phenomenon by 2080. Because poor nations will be most adversely affected by climate change it is incumbent upon the global society to prepare for and avert disaster.

Crosslisted: CRSCAD 602L and UPCD 602L are the same course.





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Jul 13-Aug 20


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