CS119-01Q Computer Language Supplement (with Staff)

CS119-01Q Computer Language Supplement (with Staff)

This course addresses the dilemma of students who studied the equivalent of CS 110 in a language other than the one currently used in our CS 110 course. These students may want to learn the current language of CS 110, or may be interested in the material of CS 110 as a means of preparing for the follow-up course, which is CS 210. Such students can, with permission of the department, register for CS 119 for two credits. They then make arrangement to attend a section of CS 110. They are required to do all the assignments, examinations, etc., of regular CS 110 students. Thus, in virtually all respects, students who register for CS 119 are really CS 110 students, except that CS 119 meets no core curriculum requirement and does not count towards any computer science major requirement.

Prerequisite(s): Department Permission Required





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May 28-Jul 25
MTuTh: 4-5:30p


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