EDCG630-01T Inclusion PreK-12:Diversity and Equity in Inclusive Settings (with Lisa M Gonsalves)

EDCG630-01T Inclusion PreK-12:Diversity and Equity in Inclusive Settings (with Lisa M Gonsalves)

In this course participants will study the theoretical and practical issues that educators must address as they implement effective culturally and linguistically relevant inclusion of children with disabilities in general education classrooms. Using principles of Universal Design of Learning (UDL), Multicultural Education, and Linguistically Relevant Pedagogy, we will identify and apply appropriate strategies to design and modify curriculum, instructional materials, and assessment for students with moderate disabilities in general education classroom environments. Grounded in Narrative Inquiry, participants will examine various perceptions of disability and diversity; study the historical and legal foundations of inclusion; interrogate the misrepresentation of culturally and linguistically diverse students in special education; design inclusive, academically rigorous, culturally and linguistically responsive environments for all students; and develop and reflect on their philosophy of inclusion. Students will anchor their analysis of these issues on a pedagogy of equity, diversity, and transformation by applying the framework of intersectionality. Through Backwards Design Planning, Team-Based Learning, the Jig-Saw classroom, reflective teaching, and digital storytelling we will investigate the intersections among various social categories -- among them ability, language, culture, race, and socioeconomic status -- and explore how we can promote inclusive and equitable educational practices for all learners.

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Jun 29-Jul 30
MTuWTh: 7-9:30p


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