ENVSCI480-01B Special Topic: Environment and Development (with Elizabeth Sweet)

ENVSCI480-01B Special Topic: Environment and Development (with Elizabeth Sweet)

This course looks at the interaction between human and ecological systems and economic development. We begin with an historical overview of the effect of human communities on the environment. We will also try to understand all of this in the context of Covid-19. We will examine the environmental impacts of European expansion from the 1600s to the present, as well as native communities land management systems and relationship to the environment. By analyzing the discourse of sustainable development, we will be able to understand how emerging international political agendas are linked or not to reconciling the goals of economic development, environmental quality and social justice. We will also review case studies that highlight the theories and practices of economic development and environmental justice. The cases include settlement systems, environmental factors and conflict, sustainable systems, vulnerability, and water issues. Through this process we hope to draw lessons and create new knowledge relevant to the different experiences of women and people of color in the global environment and economy.





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Jul 13-Aug 20


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