GISD605-01C International Responses to Social Inclusion (with Dolly Daftary)

GISD605-01C International Responses to Social Inclusion (with Dolly Daftary)

This course introduces students to international organizations that address both the development and the monitoring of populations around the world. The goal is to increase students' understanding of the range of approaches and strategies that these organizations use to respond to pressing societal issues (such as human rights, health and disability, women's and children's welfare, education, refugee and disaster relief) and crises (such as war, hunger, poverty, natural disaster, genocide) but also of the impact that these issues and crises can have on cross-cultural communities, vulnerable population, and social inclusion. A particular emphasis is placed on the non-governmental sector and its role in addressing immediate and long-term issues and crisis and in promoting the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). In this course students will learn how to interpret the world of opinion, ethics, judgment , need, and urgency as it is driven by what is known and what is transmitted. They will realize the importance of communication, public awareness and understanding of ethical and moral concerns and how these interrelate with social inclusion at all levels. This course is a core course for both the Master's and Doctoral programs in Global Inclusion and Social Development.





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Feb 3-May 8
Web Conf: Tu 7-8p


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