GLBAFF311-02C Global Health Issues (with Mohammed Razzaque)

GLBAFF311-02C Global Health Issues (with Mohammed Razzaque)

This course focuses on an investigation of the extent to which an effective system of global governance exists to deal with such international health issues as health security and the human right to health within the context of the increasingly important role of information technology in the prevention and surveillance of infectious and communicable diseases. A major focus of the course will also be placed on the health disparities which exist between the developed and developing countries and efforts by the international health community to eliminate those gaps. The role of the World Health Organization in dealing with international health issues will also be analyzed especially in connection with the growing importance of other non-state international health actors such as NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) and foundations (the Gates Foundation). The relationship between world politics and global health will also be examined throughout the course.





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Feb 4-May 10


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