GLBAFF420-01C Diplomacy (with Sara A Berner)

GLBAFF420-01C Diplomacy (with Sara A Berner)

This course focuses on the theory and practice of diplomacy. Diplomacy, which involves the science and art of negotiation, is viewed as an institution which is central to global affairs as it has evolved over the centuries. The course examines the evolution of diplomacy from its classic origins to the new, modern diplomacy which has been affected by the revolution which has occurred in the field of information technology as illustrated by the phenomenon of Wikileaks. The course will focus on the different types and forms of diplomacy, including bilateral diplomacy, multilateral diplomacy, citizen or two-track diplomacy, and public diplomacy among others. The course will also engage in an analysis of such topics as sub-state and regional diplomacy, diplomacy and war, diplomacy and foreign policy, diplomacy and intelligence.





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Feb 4-May 10


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