HIST670-01C Cold War America, 1945-1989 (with Vincent Cannato)

HIST670-01C Cold War America, 1945-1989 (with Vincent Cannato)

This graduate-level seminar will provide students with an in-depth look at American history during the period of the Cold War, roughly between 1945 and 1989. The United States found itself on the side of the victorious Allies in World War Two, but in the war's aftermath a new and different war against the Soviet Union began to take shape. This course will look at American politics and society during the Cold War. We will cast a wide net thematically, but will focus mainly on three areas: 1) how anti-Communism affected America both in terms of foreign affairs as well as domestic politics; 2) the trajectory of post-war economic growth and the increasingly globalized nature of the economy; and 3) the expansion of individual freedoms and civil rights.

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Feb 4-May 10


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