HRM002-01S Human Behavior and Human Resource Management (with David J Wudyka)

HRM002-01S Human Behavior and Human Resource Management (with David J Wudyka)

Understanding the nature of human behavior is an essential part of a Human Resource manager's job. Sometimes this may not be as obvious as it may seem, since HR managers consume themselves with hiring, compensating and training people, and performing many administrative tasks. HR managers must critically evaluate people and situations that could be detrimental to the success, mission, goals, and performance of the organization. Having done so, they must create strategies for their resolution. On the positive side, they also identify positive behaviors such as selecting high performers, identifying new hire talent, and rewarding achievements of individuals, groups and teams. Sometimes management fails employees, who wonder "how could they do that?"





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Feb 1-May 3
M: 6:00-9:00p
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