MBAMKT684-01C Brand Management (with Ronald Vining)

MBAMKT684-01C Brand Management (with Ronald Vining)

More and more firms and organizations of all types have come to the realization that one of the most valuable assets they have is the brand names associated with their products or services. To successfully compete in today's global economy, they must learn the concepts, techniques, and guidelines to build and manage strong brands. To address this issue, this course will help students understand brand management process. More specifically, students will learn how to 1) establish strong and competitive positions, 2) create brand resonance with customers, 3) integrate brand marketing programs, 4) align internal and external marketing activities, 5) understand the ROI of marketing investments, 6) leverage brand equity across categories and markets, 7) achieve market balance in managing rand equity over time, 8) design and implement brand strategies, and 9) envision the future of branding, etc. As a key learning outcome, a Brand Audit project will be conducted by students in groups.





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Feb 4-May 10


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