MUSIC184-25A Applied Music Lesson: Piano (with Chaerin Kim)

MUSIC184-25A Applied Music Lesson: Piano (with Chaerin Kim)

Private, individualized study of voice and all instruments, for NON-MUSIC MAJORS and MUSIC MINORS, covering both performing techniques and musicianship. Open to students upon payment of an additional fee. Twelve one-hour lessons per semester. May be repeated for credit. Students must contact the Music Department to register for lessons. Students taking MUSIC 184 will not perform a semester jury exam since the course does not count toward the music major.

Prerequisite(s): Department Permission Required





Day(s) and Time(s):

May 28-Jul 11


Registration for Summer Session I is closed.
Class Number:3513_Smr2019
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Important Dates:
Registration begins: April 1, 2019
Online registration ends: 8:30am on the day of the first class meeting
Add/swap deadline: June 4 (Session 1); July 8 & 22 (Session 2)