NURSNG637-01Z Mental and Psychosocial Health of the Urban Family (with Sun S Kim)

NURSNG637-01Z Mental and Psychosocial Health of the Urban Family (with Sun S Kim)

Multicultural individuals and families at risk for mental and psychosocial problems are considered within the context of urban living. Nursing theory and research is applied to developing processes of care for individuals across the lifespan with mental health and psychosocial problems. Students learn evidence-based care including cognitive-behavioral, psychopharmacological, and non-traditional approaches to psychosocial and related physical problems. Research related to environmental, psychosocial, genetic, economic, family systems, developmental risk factors, drug efficacy and nonpharmacological approaches for individuals with mental and psychosocial illness is investigated. The impact of contemporary health care policy and legislative proposals on quality, cost, and access to care is investigated.

Prerequisite(s): Graduate student in College of Nursing or permission.





Day(s) and Time(s):

May 26-Aug 20


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