NURSNG682-02Z Practicum in Primary Care of the Family (with Deborah Aloe)

NURSNG682-02Z Practicum in Primary Care of the Family (with Deborah Aloe)

Students further refine skills in critical thinking and clinical reasoning. Assessment, diagnostic, therapeutic, and health teaching strategies are applied to a continuum of health promotion/illness problems of women, infants, and children. Seminars are grounded in learning the application of theory and research to the domains of practice of the family nurse practitioner with emphasis on the management of patient health and illness and the teaching coaching function of the nurse practitioner in the specialty of pediatrics and obstetrics. Students develop role competencies under the supervision of nurse practitioner preceptors and faculty in urban health care settings. Seminar discussions include an exploration of special topics in disease management to improve quality, access and cost of primary health care for diverse populations (or communities) with an emphasis on underserved populations, where diversity includes age, gender, race/ethnicity, culture, religion, language, sexual orientation, abilities, and socioeconomic status.

Prerequisite(s): NURSNG 634 and NURSNG 638. Department permission required. For further information about how to register, please click here.
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May 30-Aug 24


Course cancelled.
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Registration begins: April 3, 2017

Online registration ends: 8:30am on the day of the first class meeting

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