PHYSIC107-1AD College Physics I (DIS) (with Rahul Vasant Kulkarni)

PHYSIC107-1AD College Physics I (DIS) (with Rahul Vasant Kulkarni)

Non-calculus introductory physics for life-science students and others with a program requirement for a year of physics at this level. Topics include mechanics, fluids, wave motion, kinetic theory of gases, temperature and heat. Students who need or want laboratory work in physics should enroll concurrently in PHYSIC 181. Note: Students may not receive credit for both PHYSIC 107-108 and 113-114.

Prerequisite(s): MATH 130 or equivalent Placement Test scores or permission of instructor.





Day(s) and Time(s):

May 26-Jul 9
MW: 10-10:50a


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