PHYSIC108-1BD College Physics II (DIS) (with Staff)

PHYSIC108-1BD College Physics II (DIS) (with Staff)

A continuation of PHYSIC 107. Topics include thermodynamics, electricity, and magnetism; optics; and a preview of modern physics. Students who need or want laboratory work in physics should enroll concurrently in PHYSIC 182. Note: Students may not receive credit for both PHYSIC 107-108 and 113-114.

Prerequisite(s): PHYSIC 107 with grade of C- or higher and pre-requisite/co-requisite: Math 130. Note: Students with grades lower than C- in the pre-requisite course will be dropped from the class.





Day(s) and Time(s):

Jul 13-Aug 20
MW: 10-10:50a


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