SOCIOL355L-01C Gender, Development, &Globalization (with Nada Mustafa Ali)

SOCIOL355L-01C Gender, Development, &Globalization (with Nada Mustafa Ali)

This interdisciplinary course explores women, gender, globalization and development theories, and their relationship to policy and practice. The politics of representation and the relationship between knowledge production and power will be running themes throughout the course. We will also discuss how gender intersects with race, class, nation, sexuality, (dis)ability, regional location, and other aspects of identity. We will answer questions such as: How do we theorize women, gender, masculinity in development discourse"? How has development knowledge defined both women and men from the: Third World/Developing Countries/The Global South? How have local and transnational advocacy organizations and movements resisted this impact? SOCIOL 355L and WGS 355L are the same course.

Prerequisite(s): SOCIOL 101
Crosslisted: SOCIOL 355L and WGS 355L are the same course.





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CE1: Feb 1-May 6
Tu: 6-9p






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