SPEG693-01C Practicum: Transition Leadership I (with Maria C Paiewonsky)

SPEG693-01C Practicum: Transition Leadership I (with Maria C Paiewonsky)

This seminar supports Transition Specialist (TS) candidates who are applying evidence-based transition policies and practices in high-need school districts in the first of semester-long practica. Assignments for this seminar are focused on supporting TS candidates as they work with and build the capacity of a school district to develop and sustain an interagency transition team that will support tall transition-ages students with disabilities. TS candidates will meet every week, via web conferencing, to discuss both the successes and challenges of team creation and facilitation. Related activities include determining team membership, securing commitment from members to meet regularly, communicating the purpose of the team, establishing roles and responsibilities for all members, setting goals and deadlines, and evaluation the team's effectiveness in meeting its goals.

Prerequisite(s): Department Permission Required





Day(s) and Time(s):

Feb 4-May 10
Web Conf: M 7-8p


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