USEA-NC114-01W Introduction to Sustainable Marine Aquaculture (with Jennifer Bender)

USEA-NC114-01W Introduction to Sustainable Marine Aquaculture (with Jennifer Bender)

This course provides an introductory overview of marine aquaculture with a specific focus on the principles of sustainability in the production and distribution of marine-sourced foods. Students will explore the culturing and rearing of marine invertebrates and plants. Building on a general overview of marine aquaculture, the course will cover the physical and chemical properties of the aquatic environment; site selection; aquatic engineering; bivalve culture; crustacean culture; seaweed culture; health and pathology; growth and nutrition; genetics and reproduction; legal, economic, social and environmental considerations. These topics will be covered with both a local and global perspective. The course is designed to familiarize students with the multi-disciplinary nature of sustainable marine aquaculture as a field. We will conclude with a brief overview of the legal, economic, and social considerations and we will look at some of the controversies surrounding marine aquaculture and environmental sustainability.


3.6 CEUs



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CE1: Jan 4-22


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