WGS300L-01C Women in African Cultures (with Chinelo Adaeze Ejueyitchie)

WGS300L-01C Women in African Cultures (with Chinelo Adaeze Ejueyitchie)

This course challenges stereotypical constructions of Africa and African woman in mainstream media by considering internal and external historical relationships that have shaped and redefined the cultures, ideas, institutions, politics, and social relations of several specific groups of African women. Through a multi-disciplinary approach, the course addresses issues and challenges of contemporary Africa, and explores many of the themes and concerns that have run throughout Africa's gendered, complex, and changing history. Popular culture sources, as well as scholarly studies and activist writing, will be employed to help illuminate the lived experiences and perspectives of contemporary women living in various African societies. AFRSTY 300L and WGS 300L are the same course.

Crosslisted: AFRSTY300L and WGS300L are the same course.





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